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A Gift That Keeps Giving

Tragedies have their way of turning into blessings. I thank God for opening my heart and mind to the opportunity of Reliv .

Over a decade ago mom had a heart attack - she lost the strength to get out of bed  and do for herself; that’s when I was introduced to Reliv.

The presentation and testimonials made me wonder , “what if?”  So I decided to enroll in the program.

I can say it was the best GIFT,  I ever gave mom. Shortly, within 90-days being on Reliv supplements and  to her doctors’s surprise, she showed great improvement from her previous appointments.  It appeared that the nutrition really helped her 82 year old body to regain her health back.  She managed to go back home and lived 10 more quality years.

However,  a few years later, our son ended up in the hospital (3 weeks) covered with blisters from head to toe. Our quest for answers led us to believe that balanced nutrition feeds the cells, so we gave him  a few ounces as he’s able to drink. He understood how balanced nutrition boosts immunity,  so he  painfully but willingly drank a few ounces.  In a week he felt well and returned back to his duty station.  

I thank God for bringing Reliv in our lives years prior because this prepared us to confidently use it for our son.   He also responded very well to the nutrition, like mom, he was able to return back to work.  Next year he could retire (20 years) in the USAF .

By the way, my husband and I started using Reliv about the same time as my mom.  Both of us has regained the vitality and vigor that is naturally diminished/lost with age. He no longer deals with headaches and joint pains. He remains active in sports and still competes in tournaments.

Myself, I no longer live with daily headaches and low energy.  An added bonus- my eyesight has improved! We feel better in our 60’s than in our 40’s!  We know we are healthier being on Reliv. 

Consequently, I became involved in the business (part time) out of gratitude for all the life -changing results in our family.  Also, i have enjoyed a number of bonuses, plus earned twice ( all-expense-paid for 2) cruises. My highest earnings in all forms (5) of  income was over $6K.  I’ve retired to enjoy time with my grandkids yet I never missed a paycheck; this would have never happened if I  was working a traditional

J O B.

Reliv will always be part of our lives . We’re forever grateful for the opportunity it offers.

If you’re still reading this, let me ask you:

1 How may I help you with your health?

2 How may I help you with your finances?

3 How would you feel, if you were the one who told me about Reliv?

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Be blessed as we’ve been blessed.

Where there’s life, there’s hope.  And it’s in a Can! 

At your service, 

Peachie Elsas

Former 9-5 Employee

Traveling grandma

Henderson NV